Absolare Single-Ended Triode Preamplifier

The Passion preamplifier deliver glories of single-ended circuitry in a cost no object implementation – gorgeous timbre, a smooth and relaxed treble, tremendous soundstage depth and dimensionality, having robust bass extension and control that fly in the face of conventional wisdom about SET’s. Every audiophile should experience this level of midrange transparency and directness at least once

Robert Harley
Product of the Year Award

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound 2013
Golden Ear Award

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound 2013
Best of Show

Robert Harley CES 2013, Munich High-End 2013, Munich High-End 2014
Best of Show

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, RMAF 2013
Superb electronics. The presentation was, as it’s been several times before in the past, first-rate: fast, dark, rich, full-bodied, and extremely finely detailed.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Munich High-End 2015

The Absolare Preamplifier has been designed with the goal of creating a pure and emotionally engaging preamplifier. 

A preamplifier capable of conveying the deepest musical integrity within the faithful reproduction of the recorded performance.

Through several years of methodical research, the Absolare team has indeed come to believe that there is an absolute in terms of identifying the right components and correctly implementing them within the ultimate minimalist pre-amplifier design. A synergized ensemble of customized, cost-no-object and rare components all critically chosen for their superior performance. The design principle in the Absolare preamplifier is best reflected in the following three words – “Purity, Control, and Power”. Purity of Signal, control of resonance and clean power.

The Absolare Preamplifier is housed in a single chassis with separate power supply and signal sections internally partitioned by a thick aluminium wall. This design eliminates unwanted magnetic influence of AC noise on the signal path. The laser cut, precision welded 3mm aluminium chassis is enclosed in leather clad high-density fibre panels to minimize mechanical resonances. On top of these, a separate large CNC carved aluminium housing provides a vibration free environment for the tubes and signal components. Supporting the entire structure is a 5mm thick aluminium base plate that also provides a stable foundation for the feet. All signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. All tube sockets are pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts.

Electrical filtering is implemented in three stages: a pi-type capacitor-resistor filter; an active regulator and another large pi-type filter. All filters employ the highest grade Mundorf capacitors with ultra-low ESR to preserve maximum levels of dynamics and detail in the signal. All internal power cabling utilizes Echole proprietary alloys. Schottky diodes provide fast and noise free rectification while a significantly oversized Lundahl transformer mounted on a slab of palisander wood supplies all the current demands instantly. Heaters are DC regulated and filtered with Mundorf capacitors.

The all tube signal section is configured in pure Single Ended Triode architecture. Output impedance is kept low by a mu-follower design with a minimum number of components to preserve sonic purity. Signal components are directly mounted to the underside of a large CNC carved block of aluminium with point-to-point soldering. Input connectors are mounted immediately behind the signal stage, keeping all Echole signal connection cabling to the minimum possible length. Both input selector and attenuator are also mounted within the signal housing, next to signal section. Balanced models employ input and output transformers for balanced operation.

There are three models of the Absolare Preamplifier available for our customers.
The key differences between the models are in the use of even more exotic parts as you move up the line which results in even greater musical performance.


Absolare’s production standard signal and power section utilize Mundorf’s custom-matched Silver Gold Oil/TubeCap capacitors and Echole’s proprietary Obsession-grade Silver/Gold/Palladium alloy wiring. The Passion uses ECC82 tubes only.


The Signature model is a significant step above the Passion series. Within the signal path, Duelund’s select CAST coupling capacitors together with Echole’s Signature cabling are incorporated. The Signature Preamplifier’s circuitry can utilize E80CC in addition to ECC82 tubes. The power supply has also been re-designed. Critical parts of the signal path utilize NOS resistors that are not readily available in the market. The sonic improvement from the Passion version can be described as being better than ever in terms of naturalness, coherence, with a very convincing sense of realism and emotional communication.
Finally, there is a very limited edition Altius model of the Absolare preamplifier. Please contact us for further information about the Altius preamplifier.

Design: All Tube, Single-Ended Architecture (Transformer coupling in XLR models)

Attenuator: 48 steps with discrete resistors, remote controlled

Tubes: 2x 12AU7 / ECC82 or E80CC - Every unit comes with select NOS tubes

Bandwidth: 20Hz -20KHz within +/-0.2dB

Input: 3 in RCA Model / 4 in XLR Model / 2 RCA + 2 XLR in RCA/XLR Model

Input impedance: 100 Kohm for RCA Model, 10Kohm for XLR Model

Maximum Gain: 18 dB

Outputs: 2 in RCA Model / 2 in XLR Model / 1 RCA + 1 XLR in RCA/XLR Model

Output impedance: 750 ohms

Dimensions: 38.2 x 54.5 x 14.6 cm (WxDxH), excl. feet

Weight: 18.9 Kg