Absolare 845 Push-Pull Amplifier

" Finesse and truthfulness in Push-Pull design "

An Extremely Natural System -Jonathan Valin

The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
Best of Show - Jim Hannon

The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
Best of Show Contender - Jonathan Valin

The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
Best of Show - Paul Bolin

The Audio Beat, CES 2015
The presentation was, as it’s been several times before in the past, first-rate: fast, dark, rich, full-bodied, and extremely finely detailed.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Munich High-End 2015.

Following several years of careful preparation, Absolare has brought to market a new perspective in Push-Pull amplification with its introduction of an 85 watt Push-Pull amplifier. The Absolare Push-Pull amplifier combines the finesse, delicacy and midrange magic of a Single Ended Triode amplifier with the capability of driving an even wider range of speakers.

The Absolare Push-Pull Amplifier has two chassis monoblock construction. Laser cut and welded 3mm aluminum chassis are enclosed in a high density fiber cover to minimize the mechanical resonances. Power supply and speaker output transformers are in epoxy filled metal cans to minimize vibration and magnetic interference. 5mm thick aluminum bottom cover provides a stable base for the feet. Internal components are mounted on a thick aluminum plate which is bolted to chassis. With the painted top layer, overall thickness of aluminum where the components are mounted is more than half inch (14mm). This is a much better option than to have a very thick front plate just to support single power indicator LED and mount all the signal components on thin PCB's.

All signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. Binding posts are silver coated copper with polyethylene barrels to decrease conductor mass. All tube sockets are made of pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts. The power supply for B+ voltage contains a three stage capacitor-inductor double-pi filter which employs highest grade ultra-low ESR Mundorf capacitors to obtain maximum levels of dynamics and detail in the output signal. Power by-pass capacitors are placed at every tube's supply pin to further increase dynamics and lower the noise. All tube heaters are DC regulated and heavily filtered. All internal cabling is done with Echole family alloys. A timer circuit enables a smooth start-up operation to protect the tubes from imbalanced power-up voltages. Power resistors are oversized for safety in the case of tube failures.

All tube signal section has transformer coupling between driver and output stages, ensuring perfectly symmetrical signal for push-pull operation. EL34 tubes provide a powerful drive for 845 output tubes.  Phase splitting is done via a high current 12AT7 tube. Separate power filters for each stage eliminate modulation distortions. Signal components are directly mounted on the underside of the tube sockets with point-to-point soldering. Custom winding of output transformer maintains perfect symmetry and low distortion at every level.  

The sonic objective is to allow the Push-Pull topology to deliver a natural, musically involving listener experience without a discernible sonic signature and with a new level of dynamic contrast and harmonic resolution unprecedented in today’s Push-Pull designs.

There are three models of the Absolare Push-Pull Amplifier available for our customers.
The key differences between the models are in the use of even more exotic parts as you move up the line which results in even greater musical performance.


Absolare’s production standard. signal and power section utilize Mundorf’s custom-matched Silver-Gold-Oil/TubeCap capacitors and Echole’s proprietary Obsession-grade Silver/Gold/Palladium alloy wiring.


The Signature series is a significant step above the Passion series. Within the signal path Duelund’s select CAST coupling capacitors together with Echole’s Signature cabling are utilized. The N.O.S. driver tubes are carefully chosen to align with the new level of purity. .Absolare Signature Push-Pull amplifier’s performance is best described as dynamics, realism and truthfulness closest to the live reproduction of music.
Finally, there is a very limited edition Altius model of the Push-Pull amplifier. Please contact us for further information about the Altius Push-Pull amplifier.

Design: Substantially operating in Class A, Zero Feedback, Push-Pull Architecture

Tubes: 2x 845, 2x EL34, 1x 12AT7 / ECC81 - Every unit comes with select NOS tubes

Bandwidth: 15 Hz - 25 KHz +/- 1.0 dB

Input: 1 x RCA (XLR optional)

Input impedance: 100 KOhms

Input Sensitivity: 1.5 Volts (balanced version 6 Volts)

Gain: 21 dB @ 4 ohm, 24 dB @ 8 ohm

Output power: 85 Watts

Speaker impedance: 4 - 8 Ohms

Dimensions: 38.2 x 62.2 X 29.5 cm (WxDxH), excl. feet

Weight: 42.0 Kg (each monoblock)