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Jonathan Valin – The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
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Paul Bolin – The Audio Beat, CES 2015
Absolare Bybee Purifier

Absolare’s strategic partnership with Bybee Technologies has brought together Absolare’s expertise in metallurgy and resonance control with Jack Bybee’s groundbreaking Quantum Purification technology.The Absolare Bybee Purifier is a state of the art electrical mains distribution device which will actually ‘purify’ the mains. Without compromising current flow, this purified AC power perfectly preserves the full gamut of dynamics and harmonics in music.
With any playback system, the quality of the final musical (or visual) experience depends on maintaining absolute fidelity of the signal’s transmission.As with all Absolare equipment, each component is of the highest quality and critically selected for specific applications. Internally wired with actual Echole Obsession SIGNATURE Powercords and fitted with customized versions of the highest grade of AC sockets from Oyaide in Japan, Absolare also incorporates customised Mundorf silver/gold capacitors to further improve the current. Specially developed composites critically attenuate the spectrum of resonance of the Bybee Modules and all other internal components, perfectly preserving the music’s dynamic and harmonic complexities.

Absolare Bullets

Absolare Bullets are designed to not process the signal in the way that conventional intermediary devices do, so they are not a ‘tweak’ in the general sense. Just the contrary, the distortion is eradicated, or ‘purified’ with a single, yet sophisticated touch. Both ends of the Bullets are covered with Palladium-plated Silver terminations to preserve and enhance their performance. The front section is pure teflon, and the main body is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for resonance control.
This fine touch allows the organic qualities of musicality and dynamic contrast that is inherent in the system to be revealed. The increase in performance is subtle and immediate. Once again, this process is not additive – it is a reviving mechanism that is essential for the correct presentation of the totality of the recorded musical event.

Absolare Bybee Purifier

Type: Passive Electrical Mains Distribution Device.
Application: The device is designed supply an entire audio system, including all types of power amplifiers.
AC Input: The device can be used with 110-120 Volt AC & 220-240 Volt AC electrical mains supply. There is a 15A circuit breaker.
AC Outputs: Available in two versions both with six outlets – (a) six European Schuko AC outlets or (b) three sets of duplex US AC outlets.
Components: Oyaide Silver/Palladium coated IEC receptacle. Oyaide Silver/Palladium coated AC outlets. Echole Obsession Signature powercord internal wiring.. Jack Bybee designed non-current limiting EMI/RFI filtering devices. Mundorf custom SilverGold 800AC capacitors. Absolare proprietory resonance control composite treating all.

  • 6 x Custom-Polished Palladium over Silver Oyaide Outlets (US or SCHUKO)
  • Non-Current Limiting Passive design
  • 110 / 240V compatibility
  • No-inductor throughout the design
  • Actual Echole Obsession Signature Powercords employed
  • Dimensions: 48.0 x 39 x 10.0 cm (WxDxH), excl. feet
  • Weight: 13.0 Kg
Absolare Bullets
  • Custom-polished Palladium over Silver Termination (Banana or Spade)
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Silver-plated Speaker Binding Posts

  • Dimensions: Diameter: 2 cm Length: 16 cm
  • Weight: 85 gr (per unit)