Absolare PhonoStage

" Analog’s true realism "

An Extremely Natural System -Jonathan Valin

The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
Best of Show - Jim Hannon

The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
Best of Show Contender - Jonathan Valin

The Absolute Sound, CES 2015
Best of Show - Paul Bolin

The Audio Beat, CES 2015
The presentation was, as it’s been several times before in the past, first-rate: fast, dark, rich, full-bodied, and extremely finely detailed.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Munich High-End 2015

In pursuit of a phono stage that is able to reveal the soul of the recording with silence and tonal truthfulness, the Absolare Phono stage embodies our design principle of “Purity, Control, and Power”. Purity of signal, Control of Resonance and Clean power.

The Absolare Phono Stage is a dual chassis design with one chassis housing the power supply and the second chassis housing the analog phono stage. The dual chassis design perfectly isolates the delicate phono signal from possible magnetic interferences from the power supply circuit. The power supply unit is also internally partitioned with a thick aluminum wall separating power transformers from regulators to keep regulator outputs free of AC noise. The laser cut, precision welded 3mm aluminium chassis is enclosed in leather clad high-density fibre panels to minimize mechanical resonances. Input and output stages of signal part have dedicated B+ regulators. Final capacitor-resistor pi-filters are located inside the signal unit, next to the tubes. A separate transformer powers the tube heaters. Heater voltages are also regulated and filtered. There are separate Echole cables used for each stage between the power supply unit and signal unit. 

The Absolare Phono Stage input is directly coupled, there is no step up transformer. High transconductance input tubes are followed by a passive R-C RIAA filter. Double output triodes enable a low impedance output stage. All internal stages are capacitor coupled.

The input stage of the phono circuit is located just behind the input terminals for minimum interference. RIAA and output stages are directly mounted upon a large CNC carved aluminium housing that provides a vibration free environment for the tubes and other signal components. Low ESR Mundorf capacitors are used for the power supplies and filters and Silver/Gold alloy capacitors are used for the signal path. All signal connections between components are point-to-point. Proprietary Echole alloys are used for all internal wiring. Signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. Tube sockets are pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts.

Design: All tube signal path, 2 box design (1 power supply, 1 signal). 2 inputs with 6 level cartridge loading

Tubes: 3x 12AX7 / ECC83, 2x 12AU7 / ECC82, 4x 6C45PI - Every unit comes with select NOS tubes

Bandwidth: 20 Hz - 20 KHz

Input A loading: :68 ohm, 150 ohm, 330 ohm, 680 ohm, 47 Kohm, custom value

Input B loading: :47 ohm, 100ohm, 220 ohm, 470 ohm, 1 Kohm, custom value

Inputcapacitance: 100 pF

Gain: 61 dB

Output: 1 RCA with single-ended / 1 XLR with balanced model

Outputimpedance : :325 ohms

Dimensions: 38.2 x 54.5x 14.6 cm (WxDxH), per chassis, excl. feet

Weight: 20 Kg (Signal) / 22 Kg (Power Supply)