Absolare’s vision of sonic purity is founded upon the principle of collaboration. A dedicated international team of engineers, audio designers and craftsmen are committed to realizing the Absolare vision within our in-house facilities both in the Netherlands and the USA. Through rigorous research and innovative design, all Absolare products are meticulously manufactured using the highest quality components and assembled from the ground up by the Absolare team. Absolare’s Pre-amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Electrical Mains Distribution Devices, and Signal Purifiers are all developed in accordance within this same rigorous process. At Absolare we believe that the only way to achieve a truly natural reproduction of the musical performance is through a team of industry experts working in a true spirit of collaboration towards the shared goal of sonic purity.

Absolare has focused on unique Single Ended, Push-Pull and Integrated Amplifier designs. The mission has been to reach a new level of musical involvement within the realm of Single Ended topologies. The unique and minimal nature of the signal path; the electromagnetic isolation of the signal section from the power section; the use of ultra-high quality components in absolute synergy; the balance of resonance characteristics, and the unique winding and crimping techniques of the artisans producing the transformers are only part of the unique qualities of Absolare products.

Minimizing distortion to the lowest possible levels is achievable by bringing critically selected – often extremely costly – components of the highest quality together in perfect synergy. For example, all internal wiring in Absolare products is comprised of Echole’s Silver, Gold and Palladium wiring and solder. Japanese artisans prepare the 30 micron gold or silver plated tube sockets for the connections. No detail escapes the careful scrutiny of Absolare’s engineer’s in the process of design and production.
If a sonically superior component is discovered by our design team, the Absolare principle is to utilize it in one of our products. Regardless of the cost, achieving the ultimate performance necessitates that the best available components are to be used. The manufacturing and component costs of Absolare products are perhaps one of the highest in the industry. For example, we have five different expert design facilities feeding the Absolare workshops in 2 continents for our chassis design. As another example, the preamplifier’s tube housing interior is machined from a solid block of aluminum, with a precision tolerance of 0.01mm. Even the rods inside are composed of the hardest steel which are chosen for their superior resonance characteristics.
A pure AC electrical mains supply is the absolute foundation of any reference audio system. The mains power must be “purified” in order to achieve lifelike dynamic contrasts, which are fundamental to achieving the goal of an emotionally engaging musical listening experience.
Achieving the perfect level of attenuation of harmful resonance is vital in all Absolare products to preserve the full dynamic envelope, focus and timing, and harmonic resolution. This is why Absolare’s preamplifier and power amplifier chassis are based upon an internal machined billet of solid alloy and supplied with some of the most sophisticated feet available. The transformers are mounted upon on critically selected blocks of Pallisander timber. Each chassis is carefully designed to work in perfect harmony with the feet. The Absolare Bullets are made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy to preserve the resonance stability. The Racks are manufactured by laminating carefully selected layers of African Rosewood with organic epoxy to achieve consistent resonance characteristics in each unique project in a process taking many weeks to complete.
From our leather application and wood working, to our transformer winding techniques and our product assembly, Absolare has diligently sought out the best artisans in their respective fields of expertise. This carefully chosen team has become an integral part of the Absolare soul – upholding our passion for achieving the highest standards possible in every aspect of production.
Award winning industrial designers are an integral part of the Absolare team. In the end, most music lovers place their components within their living rooms. Design can never be overlooked. For this reason, Absolare has assembled a team of some of the best leather artisans to realize their design ambitions to the highest caliber of workmanship available. There are even leather color options available for the music lover’s individual preference to best suit their room’s décor.